Slay it again, Luke

I’ll post more about the CMA’s on Boys Don’t Like Funny Girls later tonight but I have to post about Luke Bryan winning the CMA Entertainer of the Year award.

This man is going to be the King of Country.


Via Lainey Gossip

Years from now, we’ll be all, “Garth who?” And drooling over Bryan’s skin tight jeans.


I was lucky enough to see the Crash My Party Tour this summer in Buffalo with my friend, Mattie Lou. We payed an arm and a leg for tickets, were third row and I’m just gonna say it…

Luke and I gave each other a high five.

So if anyone want’s to come and shake my hand you’re more than welcome to, because I haven’t washed it since.

It was the best concert I’ve been to; a party from start to finish. I joined the Luke Bryan Fan Club the Nuthouse and can’t wait to buy tickets to see him again in concert.

The man is a total babeshow. I never understood why the kids say, “Bae” but if I had to use that horrible, slack jawed term it would be for Luke Bryan.

Yay, Luke!

Did you watch the CMA’s?


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