A shared embarrassing experience

Do you know how sometimes the only way to feel better about something is to tell as many people as possible?

Like, how when you’ve done something bad you tell a lot of people so that they could try to make you feel better about the horrible, awful, terribly unethical thing you’ve just done?

No? Well tough tits.

So. This morning I walked into the office kitchen to make myself a tea and while I was waiting for my hot water I started singing Taylor Swifts, “Out of the Woods.”  Loudly. A little too loudly.

Then I started dancing. A sort of, shimmy from leg to leg.

giphy (1)

After my hot water was boiled I turned around to get milk and sugar from the fridge and realized there were three men on their coffee break sitting in the kitchen watching me.

I didn’t know what to do.

I just turned around and left the kitchen as fast as I could.

So now I have tea without milk and sugar. Just hot water and teabag.

I can never show my face again.

Tell me something like this has happened to you.




  1. I tend to dance a lot when I’m driving alone. Heck, when I’m with people too. It looks vaguely like I’m swatting away a swarm of bees, while singing at the top of my lungs. It’s really quite embarrassing. One time, I glanced over and noticed a young gentleman filming me and laughing. I promptly stopped. I never did find that video online.


  2. This is awesome! It happens to all of us. I can’t tell you a specific instance, because I’ve pushed it deep into the deepest depths of my memory…but I’m sure it’ll happen again soon. 🙂


  3. Shall I call you Elizabeth or lizzy or Her highness? I came to your blog and I have read almost all the posts on the first page. You’re hilarious!

    So are you Italian? Why were they calling you PAKI? Italians have lovely, olive skin and Pakistanis have..well skin. Lol. (I’m Pakistani by the way)

    Thanks for following. I’m following you back to xo


    1. you can call me Libby or Elizabeth or Lizzy! whichever you want. I’ll answer to anything.
      Pakistani women are beautiful, but small town bullies are horrible and yell mean things to anyone who looks different on the playground. I always get asked if I’m Native or Middle Eastern and I love it. I like the exotic look. It’s beautiful! just like you, doll! 🙂

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  4. I have randomly danced in the grocery store but I wasn’t really embarrassed…I was too content with embarrassing my brother! So apparently I have no shame. But also I never have to see any of those people again at the grocery store…so maybe that contributes to the fact that I wasn’t embarrassed.

    The last time I think I was embarrassed with something similar was when I was stopped at a red light and in the car next to me there were a couple girls taking selfies and one had her back to me and the camera was facing me, so I started trying to photobomb and I didn’t think it worked but a few seconds later the girls started looking at me and pointing and laughing. And I was like “hurry up and turn green already light!” That was pretty embarrassing haha


  5. Ha! I know how you feel! In the bathroom at work we have a huge mirror that faces the door so it hits you as soon as you walk in. It was pretty much the end of the day, and I looked like a wreck, so when I walked in and saw myself I let out a not so nice word, that may have started with an F. I walked to my usual stall and realized it was locked. THERE WAS SOMEONE IN THE BATHROOM. THE ONE THAT IS HARDLY USED (except by me and my co-workers). I ran to the next stall and waited in there until I knew the coast was clear. I should have just made this a full post instead of leaving this essay in your comments. ha!


  6. Did a little dance while leaving work late in the hotel lobby. It may or may not have involved moon walking to have the same client I had just been meeting with walk by and comment “and she’s a good dance too” Doh


  7. Libby! Your posts never cease to amaze me! I dance all the time when I arrive at Dialysis and I like to think I brighten up the Nurses morning when I do! I also make kung fu noises a lot when I’m at karate. I also always scream “I won again” at the bank machine.


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