One Lovely Blog Award

Oh, WordPress. How I love thee.

I’m always so grateful whenever anyone comments or likes a post that I’ve written, but when I read what Britney Lee wrote about my blog and that she nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award, it finally felt like I wasn’t alone.  I know I take risks on my blog by maybe being too candid, over-sharing and being a little unpolished, but Britney’s shout out was the validation I needed that someone here “gets it.”


I’m grateful that WordPress has connected me not only to bloggers whose lives and passions I feel privileged to bear witness to, but the fact that I’ve formed friendships (for lack of a better word) with women who are creating interesting and inspiring spaces online and expressing themselves has been the greatest gift of all.

Thank you, Britney. Your blog is the one I go to when I’ve had a crummy day and need a little pick me up.

To fellow WordPress-ers, If you’re ever by yourself and none of your friends are answering your text messages, visit All Things Britney Lee for your daily dose of girl talk.

Now I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about myself that you may not know…

(Some of this is from my About Me page, but shh!)

1.   My real name is Elizabeth Regina.

Which means Queen Elizabeth. Which is literally written on every Canadian penny, nickel, dime, quarter, loonie and toonie. I would like to say I haven’t adopted an ego because of this, but that would be a complete lie. I blame my parents for being young and for epidurals for being strong enough to influence my mother’s judgement.


It’s like looking in a mirror

2. I was picked on as a kid for having darker skin.

I know it sounds weird because I’m Irish/Italian, but in elementary school kids were very mean calling me “Monkey Girl” and “Paki.” It was horrible. Now I embrace my unidentifiable ethnicity, but still hold a slight grudge to those punks that brought my ten year old self to tears.

3. In high school I was obsessed with Saturday Night Live.

I would record episodes every weekend and spend the next six days memorizing skits for absolutely no reason #crazypants.

4. I wanted to be a high school English teacher

Teaching was my plan until my last year of university when I realized I was unwilling to wait several years for permanent placements. Now children will never know my tough love approach and make fun of me for always showing up to class with cat hair on my clothes.

5. I have several sisters

Biologically, I only have one older sister, Carrera. We’re 21 months apart. Which means my parents were either very relaxed with birth control or just like the idea of two under two. Even though it’s just me and Sissy related by blood, I consider my cousin, Laura, and best friend, Marie, the younger siblings I never had.

This is the last time I’ll explain that. So if I’m ever talking about my sisters, just go with it. Family is a state of mind, y’all.

6. I have back-ups for my back-ups

So, part of the fun about being raised by a single mother is the instilled desire for me to be a trophy wife. I’m only slightly kidding. Even though I’m happy and in love with my boyfriend, Matt, from an early age I singled out young males who some might consider “geeks” and made verbally binding agreements that when we’re 50 years old and after they’ve made all of their millions, we’ll get married and live a sexless but mutually beneficial relationship. I haven’t decided what I’ll be contributing besides a solemn vow to never age, but they agreed so, WHO’S WINNING NOW? I locked one of my friends down when he was 15, the other when he was 21.

Have a back-up for your back-up, ladies.


7. My dream is to write and publish my work.

I don’t talk about it often, but since I’m looking for people to hold me accountable to my sh*t, I’m slowly verbalizing my dream more and more. Ask, Believe, Receive and all that junk. I’ve been working on some stories for the past few months but haven’t been able to balance my work/school/life schedule with writing. The good news is the upsetting release of Jennifer Lopez’s memoir has lit a fire under me to get cracking and crank out some pages before the end of 2014.

If J.Lo can “write” a book. I can WRITE a book.

Here are some blogs I feel it’s absolutely vital you check out. I nominate these peeps to nominate others and share facts about themselves…

Liz Kara. One of my favourites since I joined WordPress. She’s funny, charming and a foodie. What more could you want?

Sian. The little British pixie.I love that her blog talks about her life and even maintains an upbeat and positive attitude.

Tried and Glue. I’ve crept hard to find out her real name, but I’ll lovingly call her by her WordPress handle. She puts my life to shame by being a young, smart and creative woman on the go. My craft quota is filled just by LOOKING at her blog.



I love you.





  1. Surprise! My name is Tawny. I have been meaning to add it to my About page forever and have been lazy. Anyways, your blog brings happiness to my day. You are hilarious, and I love reading everything you write!


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