Review: Hairfinity

I’ve been seeing a few posts on Kim & Khloé Kardashian’s Instagram accounts promoting Hairfinity and thought it would be a good time to finally post a review about my experience using the dietary supplement.

*I don’t have any photos of my hair before or after because I seriously had never reviewed a product before and didn’t anticipate posting my experience. Which is why I give you photos of Kim Kardashian-West. Who doesn’t love Kimmy?


Kimmy Before Via Hairdressers Eyes   

Before trying Hairfinity

I plead guilty when it comes to loving/following all things Kardashian. I first heard about Hairfinity through Kim’s instagram account and decided to do some research.

I’ve always been unhappy with my naturally fine hair, and wear clip-in extensions for special occasions (it used to be everyday but I’m too lazy). Last year I started taking vitamins (Biotin, B12, D, Folic Acid) hoping that my hair would grow faster. Through reading Hairfinity’s website I found that I was already taking a majority of the ingredients the supplement, but each Hairfinity capsule was like a super-dose of vitamins.

I watched some YouTube reviews, read some blogs, and finally decided to order myself a bottle online.

During Hairfinity

I had friends measure my hair from the nape of my neck before taking Hairfinity. After only a week my hair had grown half an inch. During week two I started noticing my scalp would tingle and itch. I had read online that this was common for some people and since I hadn’t been hanging around any kindergartners with lice, I took it as a sign Hairfinity was working it’s magic.


Kimmy After. Via Look.UK

This might be TMI, but since I’m constantly over-sharing I’ll tell you anyways: While I was taking the product I noticed other body hair was growing extremely fast. Eyebrows, upper lip, underarm, legs, and my lady area were growing too quickly for my liking.

During week three I started to notice some real problems with my skin. I’m prone to break-outs when it’s that time of the month, but in general I usually have clear skin. While I was on Hairfinity I started to get the painful, cystic acne on my forehead. I started freaking out and washing my face times a day, using astringent and Clearasil but nothing was working.

Since I hadn’t changed my diet or make-up, I went online to see if anyone else had breakout’s using Hairfinity. It turns out a LOT of people said their skin changed while taking the supplement.  Hairfinity’s website claims that it doesn’t cause acne but encourages all of it’s users to drink large amounts of water while taking their product.

After a full month on Hairfinity, I decided to stop taking the supplement. My hair was growing quickly, but the problems with my skin were too uncomfortable for me to continue. I decided I would rather wear extensions for special occasions than continue having painful breakouts.

After Hairfinity

I decided to give my body a break from vitamins after using Hairfinity. For two months I didn’t take so much as a multivitamin but my skin eventually went back to normal.

I’ve just recently started taking the same vitamins I was taking before I tried Hairfinity and have noticed my hair is growing a little faster. Not as fast as when I took Hairfinity, but maybe about an inch and a quarter per month.


I don’t recommend Hairfinity to my friends when they ask me about it. I make sure to tell them that it does work, and that my hair did grow significantly faster, but I always tell them about my breakouts and the effect it had on my skin. I would suggest using Biotin and other vitamins in a lower dose instead of taking the super combo of vitamins in Hairfinity.

Have you tried Hairfinity?

Did you notice a difference in your hair or skin?



      1. well i’m not going to try the hairfinity one. my skin has been getting worse and i don’t want to mess with that. i’m going to try your smorgasbord of vitamins haha


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