Hello, November

Yuck. November.


I’ve always disliked November. Just like I’ve always disliked February. Filler months. Dreary, damp, chilly, filler months.

However, since I’m trying to look on the bright side of life I’ve created a list of positives to help me embrace these next thirty days.

1. It’s officially boot weather.

2. I can buy new boots

That’s all I’ve got so far.

I’ve also decided to copy Liz Kara from The Vodka Soda Escapades and create some monthly goals and hopefully you kind lot will keep me accountable and call me on my sh*t.

So here it is. My goals for the month of November!

Goal #1 : Start Christmas shopping 

Every year I wait until December 20th to start Christmas shopping and every year I give people the same gifts: hugs and gift cards to the Keg. Not this year. This year everyone’s going to get hugs and something besides an envelope to open. Maybe something like a glamour shot of me. Something like this.


Goal #2:  Just say “No”

I pack my schedule with events and I rarely spend time at home. This month I’m go practice saying “No fanks” to invitations to dinner, drinks etc. I’m sure my wallet will thank me as will my well rested mind body and spirit

Goal# 3: Journal

Last night I started a brand new journal and have vowed to write daily. My last journal was filled with heartache and neurosis.


My new journal is this one from Kate Spade. A birthday present from my cousin, Laura and Ovarium co-founder, Meg!

Since I’m in a good place relationship wise, I’m hoping this journal will be slightly less depressing. Less Bell Jar-ish and more Anne Frank so that one day someone (probably a grandchild of mine) will find it and think, “How insightful and inspiring” and not, “Wow, Grandma was a little bit of a hot mess.”

What are your goals for November?



  1. I also dislike November… and December, January, February. I just hate the cold. I look like a goddamn mummy bundled in winter gear. This November, like I do most winters, I’m going to hibernate. I’ll watch even more Netflix (as if that’s even possible), and sleep all day. I guess a goal would be to do at least one thing productive this month. Volunteer or plan a trip or something. Donate to a Movember account? I’m quickly realizing that I have no real goals, and am more depressed now. THANKS LIBBY.


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