Lions, tigers and guilt! Oh, My!

It finally happened.
I got to be one of those annoying girlfriends that forces her man to wear a cute couples costume on Halloween.

I. Regret. Nothing.

On Friday night, an hour after we were supposed to head to Sarah and Josh’s for a Halloween party, Matt announced he was having second thoughts about our Wizard of Oz themed costumes.

“My buddies are going to give me a hard time,” He said with a pained look on his face. “I can’t be the scarecrow. I can’t. Why don’t I be the Karate Kid instead? Everyone loves the Karate Kid.”

I had been sitting in my Dorothy costume for two hours wearing more makeup than a contestant on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.
I bought red shoes.
I shaved my g*d damn legs.

“Fine.” I said. “It’s fine.”

For a moment the poor guy looked relieved, putting away the bag of raffia I had wandered around the craft store for thirty minutes looking for. Then it hit him: This was a trap.

“Are you mad?”

Puppy dog eyes.
Little leg flick to show some ankle like an Amish harlot.

Fifteen minutes later we went to the party like this:


My work here is done.



      1. if you got ’em flaunt ’em! you look absolutely gorgeous in the photo as well so it seems like you have more than just your ankles to work with haha


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