Yes, Please: Ben Affleck

Careful, everyone.  Avert your eyes, alert the church elders because this post contains pure sex:

That’s right.

You know you want it.

A sleepy looking, scruffy, salt and pepper-haired Ben Affleck.


Via Lainey Gossip

Are you kidding me? I’m actually getting angry. He looks too good. 


I could chip a tooth off of his back muscles. I don’t even mind the flat bum and kindergarten pants look that’s going on south of the navel.

Just hug me. Hold me. Bring on the beard burn. Like steel wool, just rub your face all over my face. It’s okay if you draw blood. I’ll wear my disfigurement like a badge.

I can go to sleep now.

Thank you, Internet. Thank you.

Who’s your celeb crush these days? I open the floor to more hotness.



  1. Is it bad that the second thing I did was look at his wedding ring? The first was looking at his face. Ok wait the second was looking at the butt…but then I did notice his ring!


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