Things that went right

At night before I fall asleep I usually play back everything that went wrong that day:

How I accidentally called a co-worker “Dude” , how I noticed my hair has been falling out (stress? malnutrition? Diet Pepsi?) and how Paris Geller didn’t get into Harvard.

I have trouble falling and staying asleep, so I’ve been trying to get out all of the nervous energy by taking up knitting and writing before bed. Last night I forgot where the heck I hid my journal and my knitting was on the floor below me and I’m lazy as hell and couldn’t leave the perfect cocoon I created with my blankets. I could hear the clock ticking from down the hall, I could feel myself about to begin the nightly ritual of replaying everything that did/could/will go wrong in my life so instead I tried to think everything that went RIGHT yesterday.

Here are a few I’d like to share:

– Birthday cake flavoured M&M’s. It sounds gross, but my BFF bought them in the US because she knows my love affair with candy. I ate them for dinner. I’m a grown-up. This is what grown-ups do. They were a little strange at first but then it was like a birthday in my mouth. That sounds dirty. Gross.

– I was having one of my existential Shia LaBouf moments and luckily Matt was over to talk some sense into me. The whole conversation ended with me making up a song about my despair that made us both laugh. It was so silly and off key, but it snapped me out of my Fantine-like state.We rounded out the night by marathoning Mindy Project episodes at his request, letting his man crush on Chris Messina blossom into a full blown obsession.

– While I was supposed to be doing homework I was researching for my short story collection and realized I still had access to my university’s library e-journals. JSTOR ALL DAY EVERYDAY! This made me so happy. I read pages and pages of studies and the creative juices finally started flowing.


Tell me about your day. What went RIGHT for you?



      1. My moment was kinda destroyed though – I went whooping round the house (trust me, this was a rare moment) and le evil brother was all “SHUDDDUP”


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