Traveling to 1989 with T.S

I downloaded it. Not at midnight, but still. First thing this morning I was on iTunes buying my copy of Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989. I was a skeptic, totally doubting whether or not Swift’s new sound would be as pleasing to the ears as her country roots, but I’m a believer. Pass the kool-aid and the high-waisted pants, I’m in.


I’ve professed my love for Out of the Woods but so far after my first listen, I’m loving Wildest Dreams. There’s a Lana/Lorde feel to Wildest Dreams that fills my melodramatic, black nail polish painted heart with glee. Like an older sibling, whenever I hear Swift talk about a beautiful man running his hands through her hair and leaving his clothes in her room, I’m a little shocked…and then reaching out for a high five wanting to know the dirty deets.

You know you would want nothing more than to sit with Swift in comfy sweaters and a bottle of wine and ask for play by plays of every date, every kiss, every roll in the hay. Then we’d have a discussion about the importance of safe sex (for the youth of America) and then have an epic dance party to Prince or Paula Abdul (1989 hit-makers, heyo).

Did you buy? Have you listened?

Are you secretly wishing she were born in 1987 so she could catch up to your 27 year old soul and write songs about friends getting married and wanting to still be free and explore the world? No? Just me?

You need to hear:

Wildest Dreams

Bad Blood (If it’s really about Katy Perry, it’s epic girl shit)

I Know Places




  1. IMO T.S had no choice but evolve into another pop star in order to secure the longevity of her career! When it’s time for her to release another album just watch cause something tells me that the innocent little country girl is gone girl! Haha see what I did there! #shakeitoff


    1. Agreed! People don’t like when women grow up. But she could have made a lasting career in country. There’s only a few women in country killing it and she was the biggest name! I think the pop sound is just her growing up, having different interests. After all she’s from Pennsylvania! Not super country

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  2. I went to Walmart last night at midnight and they wouldn’t pull it from the stockroom. I’m going to buy it from Target as soon as I can break free from class.


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