Katniss kids, I just don’t get it.

I’m going to lose followers and friends but I have to say it : I don’t get the appeal of the Hunger Games.

I’m convinced this is because I’ve only read the first book, but I’ve seen both movies (as of yesterday) and I’m confused about the hype.


My best friend Rebecca goes all out for these movies (she probably wore a braid to see Catching Fire). She reads like a machine and unlike me, loves beautiful people starring in YA book adapted movies and TV shows. I’m more for people on TV living in the house from Roseanne and having sexy drug addictions or motorcycle gangs.

Matt and I watched Catching Fire last night and I felt like the whole movie was rushed. Is it because I didn’t read the book? Has that ever happened to you? You think the movie is as good as the book because you know all the details, know what’s going to happened, have the background details? I know why Matt wanted to watch – Jennifer Lawrence in spandex running around with beach waves I couldn’t even get from Bumble and Bumble.

Also, I want to know who’s a better crier: Jennifer Lawrence or Shailene Woodley in Divergent?  There were so many freak out scenes in Catching Fire I wanted to pass JLaw an Ativan and say night night.

Lawrence sells the bad-ass look better than Woodley, but Shailene’s tears are gold. GOLD!

Should I read the books instead?

What do you suggest. Am I showing my age by not caring about these things? I think in about 25 years I’ll be that old woman whose kids moved out so now she starts reading teen books to feel like she’s connected to them. I’ll also decide that will be the perfect time to get a belly button ring.


Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence split? Do you think it was Goop baby mama drama?


Via People

No joke, I think Gwyneth would be the hardest baby mama to get along with. I love Coldplay but you couldn’t pay me enough money to get involved with the ex of the former macrobiotic queen.

It’s probably one of those cases where  magazines will say, “Jennifer just wants to be single” or “Chris was too old for her” blah blah blah.

Tell me what happened! Was he too boring? He looks too boring.

Lawrence seems to have a thing for the Brits.

So who should she date next?




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