I’ve seen a few of these ‘Currently’ posts kicking around on some of my fave wordpress blogs and thought I’d give it a whirl!

Currently watching:

Gilmore Girls on Netflix. While I’m getting ready for work, when I get home from work, I’m always watching GG now that it’s on Netflix and I don’t have to pry my bum off the couch to change DVD’s. Something so comforting about this show. I’m going to run away to Stars Hollow and meet a cranky diner owner and have little flannel progeny.


Currently reading:

This is what inspired me to write this post. I didn’t want to do a whole book post (not sure if y’all would be into that) but I JUST finished This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper. I wanted to read the book before I watched the movie so I could compare the two #bibliophileproblems. This book was hilarious and so well written with such honest observations about family. I laughed out loud reading this novel. I’m really excited to see the movie to see if they captured the humour of Tropper’s writing.

download (2)

Next up is, I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb, but I’m always open to suggestions! What are you reading? What are your favourite books. Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!

Currently listening:

I downloaded Vance Joy’s album Dream Your Life Away. I love singer songwriters and have this album on while I’m writing. It’s calming, clever and boy oh boy, does that boy know how to sing!

images (2)

Currently making:

Does my short story project count? I’ve hit a wall. I’ve given myself a quota of 10 pages per month. This month I’ve only written one….

Currently feeling:

See my earlier post about needing a good cry. I have no idea why!

Currently planning:

Halloween costumes! I’ve never done a couples costume before so I’m really looking forward to this Halloween with my manpanion. We can either be Mary Poppins and Bert, or Dorothy and the Scarecrow. Which would you choose?

images (1)

Currently loving:

Bobbi Brown’s fragrance Beach. I tried it at Sephora the other day and my friends and I agreed it smells exactly like summer. I then had to explain to my bf that Whitney Houston’s ex was not making women’s fragrances and had to Google Bobbi Brown cosmetics to prove it. download (1)

Tell me about you! What are you up to?

How’s life?

How’s you?



  1. LOVING Vance Joy as well right now. I totally bought a ukelele after hearing the song “riptide” and abandoned it once I learned how to play it. One of these days I’ll pick it back up.

    I was also obsessed with GG for awhile. It’s just so good! I just finished watching About a Boy, which I discovered on Netflix. It’s awesome! You should give it a shot when you’re done GG. It’s got a super hunky lead man, so you can’t go wrong.


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