Out of the Woods and Ew

I’m so ashamed, but I have to admit it to someone. I downloaded the new Taylor Swift song at midnight the minute it became available. I’m 27. Not 17. This is my secret shame…but it’s actually really really really good!

Have you heard it? Do you love it?

I’m obsessed. It’s like an Elie Goulding/Robyn hybrid. I’m wondering which relationship she’s writing about. I’ve heard whispers that it’s about Harry Styles…which. Ew. I get it. I’ve got a dirty old lady crush on all of the One Directioner’s but come on Taylor. You’re better than that. Way, way, way better than that.

I think all it takes is for Taylor to see these pap photos of Styles puking on the side of the highway to realize she dodged a boy band bullet.  I’m literally getting a second hand hangover just looking at this pics. Gross-mo.





Images via ONTD




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