What are we doing here?

This week my confidence took a hit – a “You’ve sunk my battleship” size hit. It centered around writing this blog and  even though I consider myself a candid person, I don’t want to divulge too much information about what happened. I’ve had a few days to think about everything that’s been said and transpired and I’ve come to the conclusion that with this blog, I’m just being myself.

I’m not blind. I know my writing style is unconventional and grammatically incorrect. I use language that straddles the line between what’s appropriate and what’s not. I’m not changing the world with my blog, not technically adding anything of value to the universe, but I do think that sometimes, there’s a very small chance that I can make someone laugh or smile and distract them from their everyday life. That’s what blogging is for me: one giant distraction from life. It’s a way for me to just write about whatever’s on my mind (It’s usually Gyllenhaal related) and put a little piece of myself out on the internet for people to read.

The women who I look up to are people who break down stereotypes and produce material that resonates with women: Mindy Kaling, Elaine Lui, Lena Dunham, and Chelsea Handler. They’re examples of women who to me, have maintained their sense of self despite their success. I aspire to be like these women by writing the way I speak, hopefully making people smile, and by being myself despite feeling constant pressure to be ‘better’ (better at everything, take your pick. I want to be better at it).  I try to be as authentic as possible, which means yes,  sometimes I embarrass myself -but I like to think that people are tired of seeing picture perfect lives portrayed on the internet.  Comparison is the thief of joy. I wanted to make a blog that isn’t perfect,  a little flawed, but one that people can relate to.

To everyone who blogs: Kudos to you. It takes guts to publish something personal online. I’m constantly reading blogs and gaining inspiration from all of you. I try to comment as much as I can because I know how much courage it takes to say, “This is what’s close to my heart , this is what’s on my mind, this is who I am.” By being vulnerable, we’re actually building meaningful connections with each other, even if we’re only communicating online.

After the craziness and the drama of this week, I’m ready to get back to blogging about whatever the heck I want. Blogging makes me happy. Deal with it.







  1. “I’m ready to get back to blogging about whatever the heck I want. Blogging makes me happy. Deal with it.” <—–LOVE THAT! You go Libby and keep it up, if that's what you want! lol 🙂


  2. Keep at it! Your blog may not be grammatically correct but it has great flow and even better content. It makes me feel like I’m getting in quality “girl” time, something I don’t get nearly enough of since hopping a few provinces.


  3. Grammar does serve a purpose, but being a slave to it is like those people who get distracted by someone’s elbows on the dinner table during a really great conversation. And I think making people laugh is pretty important…a public service in fact…so adding a great deal of universal value! 🙂 Keep shakin and bloggin.


  4. I’ve laughed and smiled from things you’ve posted. I also look up to Mindy Kaling and when I read her book there were so many times I would think to myself “this is so true.” I also do that with you’re writing. Keep doing your thing! 🙂


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