Weekend Roundup

They say time flies when you’re having fun.

That’s complete horse puckeyI  Time just flies. This weekend I came down with a stomach bug and it feels like I blinked and the weekend was over!


I ran out of work on Friday like the building was on fire. I was so excited to spend some QT with the manpanion and was unbelievably happy when I walked through the door to dinner already made (grilled veg and tofu!). Matt put up with about two hours of Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta, then we ate Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cones and relaxed.


Cut to two hours later and it starts. The sweats, the nausea, the rumblings in the tum.

Matt was concerned and so sweet asking, “What do you need! What can I get you?”

My last wish? “Outlander. I need to see Outlander!”

Ok. Ok Ok. Ok. Let me compose myself and try to be coherent.

Outlander is the effin’ greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I watched three episodes in a row despite feeling like I was dying of dysentery. I need more of this show in my life. WE ALL NEED MORE OF THIS SHOW IN OUR LIVES!

If you aren’t familiar with the series, Outlander is about a British woman named Claire on her second honeymoon with her husband after the end of WWII. During their trip she time travels to 1743 Scotland and meets the handsome and oh so swoon-worthy Jamie. You can already tell Claire’s got a lady tingle for Jamie, but she’s desperate to get home. The show is based on the series by Diana Gabaldon (I haven’t read but now i’m curious).

Time travel? Good.

Sexy Highlander man in a kilt? Good

Romance? Gooooooooood.

This show is amazing.  You NEED to check it out. You’ll want to dig out your high school kilt from your closet and ask your boyfriend to role play and call you Sassenach. It’s THAT good.



I spent Saturday in the fetal position reading books and falling in and out of consciousness. Damn stomach bug!  Nothing to report here. It was 24 hours of sleeping.


I was going mad! Cabin fever is real y’all. I decided to put on my big girl pants and head out to Brantford to visit my friend Andrea and check out the Psychic Expo. I have mixed feelings about psychics but I was up for some fun and visited Kalliope, a 5th generation seer!


Home girl was accurate about a lot of stuff. I keep my mouth shut and make them work for it, but I was impressed with her reading. Kali said and I quote, “I see movies and magazines…”

Umm that’s because those are my two favourite things of all time?

Long story short I didn’t find out things like what age I’ll be married, how many kids I’ll have or what ailment will finally do me in. But I was told to be careful of pregnancy scares, to take a trip with my manpanion and start submitting my writing for publication.

All that within 15 minutes? That’s decent.

I’ve never been to a psychic expo before and – no judgement – but that’s one kind of crazy I don’t think I’ll participate in again. I love me some witchcraft, but you meet some interesting folk hanging around a psychic expo. Andrea and I were approached by a skinny young bloke who asked us if we found what we were looking for (I’m guessing in a fulfillment sense?) he seemed nice enough and harmless, 120 lbs soaking wet, I could probably put up a good fight if necessary so I decided to surrender to his brand of crazy and engage in conversation.

When Andrea went for her reading, it was just me and the stranger I’ll call, Isaiah. Isaiah said he could guess my sign by asking four questions. Sonofabitch was FAIRLY close, guessing I was an Aries when I’m really a Leo. He then proceeded to tell me about dream sharing, how he can guess when someone was born by their body type and the importance of crystals. He then excused himself to go read silently by the river.

I’m almost 90% sure he was a ghost, so I consider the expo a complete success.

Did you get up to anything fun this weekend?

Let me know!



  1. I hope you’re feeling better now! I’ve always wanted to go to a psychic, it’s a thing on my bucket list! Overall though, it sounds like you had a pretty good experience. Nothing morbid so I guess that’s pretty neat!


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