Pop culture crap I would normally text my friends about

Last night I had a forty-five minute phone conversation with my bff Kit about pop culture – and it was glorious. Sometimes I just don’t feel like talking about the boring stuff that happens in my life and feel completely entitled to speculate and judge the lives of people in Hollywood who in my warped little mind have zero feelings and inflated enough egos that they can take a punch.

You must feel this way too! How can you not when….

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had a baby girl.

Okay. Listen. I’m going to sound like a horrible person. I did not feel joy for these two individuals for the birth of their child. I talked about this with Kit and we both said that we felt a second wave of grief that Gosling and Rachel McAdams were really, truly, broken up.  Look, Eva Mendes is gorgeous – like a Hispanic Jessica Simpson and I’m sure she’s a lovely person but I was rooting for the two Canadian kids to make it work! I can’t let go of it! Just like I still believe somehow Britney and Justin will get back together. It’s written in the gosh darn stars!



Speaking of stars…. The Fault in Our Stars is out on DVD.

I know I’m a real puss when it comes to sad movies – I cry at everything. But I feel like there  should be some kind of warning on television before any TFIOS advertisement because last night I was on the treadmill watching my 19 Kids and Counting when a commercial for the DVD came on and tears just started streaming down my face.

Ugh. Ansel Elgort. I have a really perverse older lady attraction to him where I want to drop him off at frat parties in a minivan and then take him home to bed. Even though his name is horribly unsexy,  I can’t help it. I follow him on Instagram and I’m disgusted with myself. I  feel like we’d be a great pair where he’d keep me young and hip and then I’d correct his grammar for him and cut up his food at restaurants. It’s just how my brain works. I love ‘ em!




Just like I love this commercial with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd for the Galaxy Tab S.

I have to admit, I never understood this couple. My cousin Katie tried to tell me that he’s actually a cool guy and a great actor on Parenthood, but all I keep picturing is him as a valet on Punk’d. I didn’t get it. Until I saw this!


Come on. Are you kidding me? Did everyone just reevaluate the state of their relationships against this remarkably cute and unrealistic Hollywood standard.



More things I have to discuss with someone ASAP:

1. Lauren Conrad’s wedding photos because somehow I feel like it’s going to be the most pinned wedding ever on Pinterest.

2. The Mindy Project completely blowing New Girl out of the water last night. Normally shows go a little south when the two main characters get together – but Mindy delivered!

3. Why Ariana Grande is even a thing. Can someone explain this?



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