Hey, It’s Ok to….

Do you know that piece in Glamour magazine called, “Hey, It’s Ok” that lists all of these behaviours some people would find strange but actually turn out to be somewhat normal?

Well, through talking to my girlfriends, I’ve come up with a list of things that I’m dubbing totally OK.

1. It’s OK to eat peanut butter on a spoon for lunch. That’s totally acceptable.

2. It’s OK to throw out cutlery when you don’t feel like doing dishes.

3. It’s OK to only work out so that your Lose It! app gives you extra calories to eat the snack you really, really want.

4. It’s OK to have strangers on Instagram who you creep obsessively throughout the day even though your profile is set to private. That’s what Instagram is for!

5.  It’s OK to buy clothes online and let them sit in your closet for over a year with the tags on because you’re waiting for the perfect occasion to wear them. Don’t listen to anyone who says that’s not right. They’ll eat their words once they seam that cream jumpsuit you’re holding on to.

6.  It’s OK to dislike solely because of their voice. I’ve done this, you’ve done this. You’re sure they’re lovely people and that their family loves them dearly, but their voice seriously makes you contemplate whether or not anyone you know could bail you out of jail because you want to hit someone….with a chair.

7. Bootycalls. They’re OK. 

8.  It’s OK to get Wednesday night drunk on wine

9. It’s OK to sit in your bathtub crying drinking winne while you get Wednesday night drunk

10.  It’s OK to plan your wedding to the guy you just started dating on Pinterest. Just make that board private and you’re golden.


What do you do that some people would find weird?

I’ll probably say It’s OK!

Spill, spill!



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