Weekend Roundup

Monday, you sonovabeech.
We meet again.

It’s unofficially fall, and this weekend had me bundled up and freezing my bells off in Hamilton!


After work the manpanion and I set sail for Guelph, Ontario to visit my sister and brother in law. We spent the evening eating pizza with my two year old sassy-pants niece, Abby. We sang songs (a little Frozen never hurt nobody), played with her Dora playhouse and when I was tired (which I usually am) I let her climb all over me like a human jungle gym.


photo (22)

I’m the bad aunt that taught her duck face selfies. I regret nothing!

The highlight of the night? Being told I have hair like a princess. I almost cried. I wish I were joking. My new life’s goal is to have everyone mistake me as Pocahontas. I think I can make this happen if I quit wearing shoes and put leaves in my hair.

giphy (1)

I’m steering clear of tribal tats. Sorry Pocahontas.


Every second weekend of the month, Hamilton’s James St. North hosts an Art Crawl. The street is filled with food trucks, galleries stay open late and the air is filled with the scent of urine and creativity!

This past weekend was Super Crawl, a three day festival with live music, art and lots of delicious food. The real draw of the weekend was the homegrown band the Arkells (you should check them out, they’re fantastic – my fave song is Kiss Cam).


photo (21)

Food truck heaven!

photo 2


I hit up Super Crawl with my cousin Laura, my bestie Kit, and her friend Nicole. We wandered, shopped and most importantly, people watched. Around midnight the streets were filled with dance parties and music from the band, Spoon.


I’m not going to lie to you. I woke up at 3 pm.

I wish I could say this was from a hard night of partying, but in fact it’s because I stayed up until 4 am watching Suits on Netflix.

All I can think while watching this show is how inappropriate the female office attire is. I’m sorry, what office is allowing sleeveless dresses and why don’t I work there?  Television work places make me wish my office had a Harvey Specter. Then I realize how many sexual harassment complaints would be filed against me and then I’m grateful for my little cubicle and office where the median age is menopause.



I spent the afternoon with my friend Emily eating veggie burgers and philosophizing about love and life. I then spent the evening watching football solely to catch a glimpse of Eric Decker and although he was injured, I did get several minutes of pleasure from seeing him massage his own butt.


Hope y’all had a fun and relaxing weekend!








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