Meanwhile, in “that’s never happened to me” land

Have you ever been walking down the street on your way to work or to the market (I hear people say that all the time and it seems so fresh and youthful) and have been stopped by a handsome stranger who says, wait for it,…

“Hi, I know this is weird, but I just had to tell you, you might be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

giphy (7)Yeah… no…

That’s never happened to me. The closest thing I can think of is when I was driving on the highway at 2 am (it’s a long story) and looked over to see a middle aged man driving in what appeared to be a 1997 green Safari minivan, making sexually perverse hand gestures at me. I’m not going to lie, at first I was offended. Then I realized the situation and that I was crying in my car on the highway listening to a Glee soundtrack and I realized how wonderfully weird the whole thing was.

Where was I? Oh yes!

My friend Kristen is one of the most beautiful people I know. Not like, “inside and out” beautiful (although she is) I mean she’s aesthetically one of the most beautiful women I know. From the hair to the height to the legs and her style, she’s a head turner. Not lying. If I didn’t love her so much and she wasn’t one my oldest and best friends, I’d probably see a photo of her or see her at a bar and immediately hate her, because that’s the type of person I am. Anyways, wherever we go or wherever Kristen goes, someone stops her to flirt with her or just declare her the most beautiful person they’ve ever seen. Bless her heart, the girl is one of those people who has no idea how good looking she is, so she’s always shocked and very humble. Whenever this happens I’m watching from “that’s never happened to me” land and am always just in awe that these men, who aren’t even the crazy men pushing shopping carts preaching that the world is going to end type, have the courage to basically make every girl’s romantic comedy meet-cute dream come true.

This must be what being friends with Taylor Swift is like.

Today Kristen messaged me the following story that was too great not to share.


He said remiss.

The guy, the handsome stranger, used the word ‘remiss’ in his exchange.

tumblr_inline_nb1v8iUHMx1qdzpzbHonestly, if someone said they would be, ‘remiss if they didn’t say anything to me” I’m pretty sure the restaurant would burn to the ground from the heat in my loins.

Listen, I’m a very lucky lady. I have a boyfriend who tells me everyday that he thinks I’m beautiful and blah blah blah. But never, ever has someone approached me at a bar to try and pick me up. Seriously, never. I would love someone to just breeze by (I imagine this to be Benedict Cumberbatch wearing his Sherlock scarf) verbally delight me with outdated diction, hand me his business card and leave me sitting with my mouth agape.


Am I the only person who feels this way? Have I become like a neglected housewife starved for a little attention? Again, I’m a very happy girl and love my boyfriend to bits, but what is it about being admired by another person that boosts the ego?

Kristen has no plans to call the mystery man. I don’t blame her. I probably wouldn’t either. But it would be remiss not to pass on this story to women everywhere about the time a good looking man approached a good looking woman in ‘that’s never happened to me’ land.



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