Why People Fall In Love

I’m in the middle of a crazy work day, but I want to take a minute (ok, maybe a few minutes) and share a video that I’ve been listening to by Helen Fisher, PhD Biological Anthropologist, talking about why people fall in love with one person and not another.

It’s an interesting watch or listen if you’re like me and live in a cubicave (cubicle cave). There’s even a segment about the personality test she designed in her book called, Why Him? Why Her? that segments people into four categories: Explorer, Builder, Director and Negotiator. Fisher runs through the personality types and what type of person would be the ideal match for each.

I took her test here  and my personality type is a Negotiator , which is scarily accurate (she also says Oprah is a negotiator? COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!).


Watch the video and tell me what your personality type is!  Do you agree with your results? 





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