Nothing says, “Hey girl, let’s picnic” like the gingham shirt for men

One of my favourite blogs, The Cut, recently posted an article as an homage to the staple of our boyfriend’s wardrobe: the gingham shirt from J Crew.


image via The Cut

Walk outside – nay, walk out of your cubicle and I guarantee  that there will be a man under 40 wearing a gingham shirt.   They’re everywhere.

Ugh, I love it so, so, much.  No guy can be a douche-bag if he owns a gingham shirt, right?

The guy who wears the boyfriend uniform says things like this:

 “Hey girl, I wanna picnic wit chu.”

“I was thinking of calling your mother today. She’s so great.”

 “Hey babe, yes this reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, too. Can we re-watch the Wizard of Oz?”

 “How did you know I voted Conservative/Republican?”

 “I just downloaded the new Maroon 5 album. You’re right, it’s so good.”

“I totally want to see that new Nicholas Sparks movie with you. I already pre-ordered tickets.”

“Hey Bae, let me take you out to dinner to celebrate your half -birthday . Did you think I forgot?”

“Babe, can you please tweeze my unibrow?”

“Show me more pictures of your niece and nephew. Actually, show me all of YOUR baby pictures.”

“What would we name our kids? I like the name Madyson. With a Y.”

Check out the instagram account for the J.Crew gingham shirt.  Be sure to upload pictures of your man picnicking and listening to Maroon 5.

Once summer’s over what will replace the uniform of dreamboats everywhere? My vote is the cable knit cardigan.

hipster lumberjack

 Bitches love a good cable knit.

Farewell, summer of the gingham shirt. You will be missed. At least I have my Mr. Rogers fantasies to keep me warm until next spring.

Hey boy, won’t you be my neighbour?



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