My week as a single lady (sort of)

This week my lovely boyfriend, Matt, traveled up North to visit his grandfather.While a majority of my family lives within a 50km radius, Matt’s family lives in Australia, Montreal and the ultra-glam Sault Ste. Marie.Since we’re always spending time with my family I’m excited that he’ll have seven days and nights to fish, go on hikes, dabble in archery and catch up with his Papa.  


Matt & Me

This means I’m sort of… kind of… pretending to be SINGLE. 

giphy (2)


Don’t get your gitch in a twist and alert the church elders. I’m not saying I’m putting on my freak-em dress and heading to the club. I love Matt very much and am finally at that stage in our relationship where I don’t have to shave my legs everyday and can send him on emergency tampon runs. Do you really think I would mess that up?

Each week Matt and I run our schedules past each other but not this week! This week I’m doing
whatever I want, going wherever I want and spending however long I want inspecting my pores in the mirror. You know, girl things. It’s going to be seven days of girls nights in (wine, gossip and candy) and  girls nights out (wine, more gossip and candy runs at midnight). 

This long weekend is going to be busy! Tomorrow I’m working a wedding as part of my internship with a wedding planner and event stylist in Burlington, travelling to Guelph to visit my niece, and then of course going to the concrete jungle of Toronto for some much needed catch up time with my best girls. 

Even though I’m going to miss my guy terribly, we’ll be reunited next week and will be going to see Miranda Lambert at the Molson Amphitheater (my birthday gift from the boy). 

Alright ladies, tell me what you think. What do you do when your partner’s away? 



  1. Yay, so happy you’re blogging again!

    I think everyone has some sort of secret single behaviour. When hubby’s on nights or away for a weekend, I soak it in – watch bad reality tv, apply a mud mask, give myself a pedicure, snuggle with my dog in bed, don’t make a proper dinner and go out with girlfriend/eat popcorn, etc. I don’t think any of these things are actually secrets, but I love my alone time!

    And, as an aside on turning 27 – I have a job, own a house, I’m married and have a baby on the way and most days I STILL don’t feel like I have my shit together. I’m hoping it will one day magically click that I’m doing what I should be doing. Until then, I feel the same feels as you. Must come with the territory.


    1. Thanks Stef!
      Maybe we actually will never feel like we have our shit together. That’s depressing…. But on the upside I guess I’ll always feel like a kid!

      So excited for you to be a mama!


  2. Watch guilt free reality TV and relish in eating barley meals the entire time. I always feel (self)pressured to cook vitamin filled and delicious meals when he’s around.


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